im fucking funny

Mercedes / 24

Lets get one thing straight, I'm not

lesbian mayor

professional gogo dancer

Self Harm recovery

Jessica has my whole heartI enjoy offending people

San Francisco native

NYC transplant

INSTAGRAM: Mercedes Aiko



People without anxiety just have no idea what it’s like to feel so much worry for something they “think” is so small and “not a big deal”

This is me right now

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This will be the longest 13 hour shift of my life

If you dont mind me asking, how did you and your lady meet? I'm always interested in ldr's. 💕

We met from liking eachothers photos on Instagram actually
Once we exchanged numbers we never stopped talking and this was back in February

I'm not sure if they still allow it in America because they stopped it in Canada but Accutane got rid of all my acne scars.
by Anonymous

Il never use that product there’s so many things wrong with it