im fucking funny

Mercedes / 24

Lets get one thing straight, I'm not

lesbian mayor

professional gogo dancer

Self Harm recovery

Jessica has my whole heartI enjoy offending people

San Francisco native

NYC transplant

INSTAGRAM: Mercedes Aiko


Can we see you with your real hair?
by Anonymous

I have some photos in my tagged selfies section with my real hair


Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

Or seeing people younger than you doing awesome things

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Is that all of your natural hair? It's so thick and beautiful (-: !
by Anonymous

Oh god I wish 😩😩😩
It’s a wig

I’m so mad

You can’t do a cover of ellie goulding on national tv and butcher it

Today was the prettiest I’ve looked in a long while
Go daddy

by Anonymous

25: does anyone regularly (other than family) tell you they love you?
- my girlfriend tells me a few times every hour ❤️ my friends tell me too

35:did you have s dream last night?
Oh god I was so high when I fell asleep I don’t remember

52: are you nice to everyone?
Lol no not everyone deserves it